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conn3cted people.

With years of software development experience we recognise exceptional talent when we see it.

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Techs recruiting techs.

We are a software company offering a recruitment service bringing together years of experience in both software development and recruitment technical staff in a cost effective, flexible and agile approach.

We provide high quality, technical people that have been quality assured by our own team. With techs interviewing techs, we ensure that we always provide the best people – we know this as we would employ them ourselves.

Six reasons to use Conn3cted People

Rock solid tech

We are not your typical recruitment agency. We are a software development company who offers a recruitment service based on the technical knowledge of our very own real life developers. We understand the development environment; this is what we do so it takes the guess work out of the process.

We only work with talented candidates

We have recruited these positions for ourselves as well as our clients, so we know what we are looking for. We have a QA process which involves assessing a candidates technical abilities (techs interviewing techs) and their personal traits. The bottom line is if we would not hire them ourselves we would not send them to you.

We love what we do

Our team is passionate about what they do, we have many years of experience both in the recruitment and technology markets – we have worked with some of the brightest and most talented people around. We are here to make a positive difference to our customers, we want to engage with you rather than just transact.

Quality not quantity

We believe in the quality of our work, we do not take on every position possible instead we take care to work with a select number of customers ensuring we have the capability to make you our highest priority.


We only work in the software development space; we do not recruit across the board. We specialize in one area because that’s what we’re good at, how many recruitment agencies do you know that actively use the technologies you do?

Cost Effective

Rather than the outdated and overpriced % based model, we use a simple Time and Effort based model, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Get conn3cted.