01. Situation

The annual B&T Awards night is Australia’s largest awards ceremony acknowledging excellence in the media, advertising and marketing industries.
The short time-framed event was held at Sydney’s Town Hall, with over 30 awards presented and 900 people in attendance.

02. Challenges

B&T wanted a quick and efficient way to inform 900 attendees where they were sitting. They wanted to convey digitally what the program schedule would be, including the order in which awards would be presented.

03. Solution

Our table plan feature included a map of Town Hall with tables and a drop-down menu with company’s names. Attendees would select their company and the table they were at would turn yellow. The app also contained a program schedule that contained the awards and the order in which they would be presented, as well as a live Twitter feed, information on Judges and Sponsors and a FAQ section.


B&T Awards