01. Situation

A partner of Conn3cted’s were engaged by a leading Petcare manufacturer to create a strategy for everything that touches eCommerce. One of the first initiatives of the strategic plan was with Coles Online, with the opportunity to re-design the Pet category and landing pages. Coles wanted to create an engaging and exciting online destination that was in line with their current physical branding and presence, as part of a global plan to get online up to international standards.
Conn3cted were engaged to present design concepts and prototypes on behalf of their client for the Coles Online landing pages in Pets.

02. Challenges

The design was constrained within the relatively strict specifications supplied by Coles, as well as ensuring that their physical, in store branding was incorporated into the design.
The design also needed to consider not just creative, but functional elements including dynamic content, advertisements, featured products and specials.
As with all projects with multiple clients, we had to ensure that all stakeholder requirements and interests were met.

03. Solution

The creative team came up with two concept versions of a Pet Care Landing page, two category landing pages and a branded product page.
We initially went back with wireframes to confirm that the layout would work with both Coles Online and the client, which was then followed with high res prototypes. Once all designs were finalised and approved, Conn3cted provided the high res artwork for slicing and adding to the Coles Online site.


The feedback from our partner and the clients were undeniably positive.
Revenue wise, they were expecting a 6% uplift in sales due to the promotion but ended up with an additional 5% making the total uplift to revenue at 11%.
There was a 17% increase in website activity for the Pet Care pages, as opposed to an 8% increase in Coles website in general – this was with no marketing of the new category pages. It greatly improved and changed the user journey.
Finally, the Pet Care landing page was nominated for an IGD UK award in 2015.