convo social feedback

Undertook the design and build of a multi-device social media feedback platform that allows customers to interact with the brand experience and to attract and capture feedback from social users in a branded environment.

The customer experience app aims to use social media to amplify a consumer’s experiences with businesses and brands in Australia. A social listening platform, it is available as a white label solution for brands to listen and monitor social conversations and experiences, as well as engage with target audiences.

Brand Awareness and Reach

  • Build a stronger community with the ‘peoples voice.’
  • Engage with your customers on a deeper social level.
  • Create deeper brand loyalty.
  • Increase your brand reach through social user generated content to Facebook and Twitter

Data Analytics and Insights

  • Deliver more relevant content and experiences to your customers.
  • Collect your customers social and psycho-demo data.
  • Understand your customers through data insights.
  • Paths to purchase
  • Optimise the best experiences
  • Personalise your promotions and offers
  • Use the data as a feedback mechanism for the partners.