01. Situation

In early 2019, an association in the Automotive Industry engaged Conn3cted to do a deep dive into its internal processes of online selling and how it was engaging with its customers.
In a customer-centric selling environment, the client realised its CX needed to be seamless and felt that there were too many manual processes in how it was handling orders, creating a disjointed sales experience for its clients.

02. Solution

Conn3cted redesigned the architecture of the client’s ecommerce site and integrated finance, inventory reporting and stock level recognition with warehousing, freighting and logistics. In doing so, Conn3cted transformed the end to end solution and created major time, resource and cost efficiencies.

03. Results

By modernising the digital platform to solve this client’s business challenge, Conn3cted helped the client achieve:

  • An uplift in productivity from its employees who were now able to more fully concentrate on customer service and less on manual processing of orders.
  • A decrease in inaccuracies and mistakes thanks to fully automated reporting and data collection.
  • A simplified Customer experience that is easy to navigate and much cleaner than the previous.
  • A back end that was uncomplicated with automated supply chain management.


I had the pleasure working with the Conn3cted team on an ecommerce and integration project that has really transformed our business. The Conn3cted team are highly competent, easy to work with and extremely flexible when it came to meeting our needs. The Conn3cted organisational structure allows for quick decision making and easy access to the leadership team. Conn3cted are one of those rare organisations that just get it.”