01. Situation

After launching in 2016, Just Sport Alexandria (JSA) became a local leader for customers wanting to shop for sports clothing, equipment and accessories. In store, customers of all ages have access to the biggest brands at the best prices, whilst the friendly JSA staff deliver a customer experience that is second-to-none.

JSA is a traditional ‘bricks-and-mortar’ retailer that relies heavily on foot-traffic coming through their doors. They suffered a severe down-turn in sales once Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns impacted daily life and restricted shopper movement. Then their business was brought to a complete halt once government regulations forced retailers to (temporarily) close their doors for extended periods during 2020 and 2021

Despite the temporary store closure, customer demand for sporting goods did not waver. The team at Just Sport Alexandria knew they had to expand their operations.

02. Challenge

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding future Covid-19 restrictions, lockdowns and potential closures to the retail industry are all causes for concern, as well as:

  • Accommodating the ongoing customer demand for sporting goods while the retail store is closed
  • Ability to clear excess stock and maintain adequate inventory levels
  • Losing customers to competitors that have alternative sales platforms

03. Solution

JSA were aware that they needed a way to extend their outstanding in store experience via an online sales channel to:

  • Their existing loyal customer base
  • Customers right across Australia and potentially abroad
  • Remain viable in a changing and progressive retail market

04. Result

The Little Big Shop eCommerce platform proved to be a quick, simple and cost effective way to take their business online.

  • Quick to set up and easy to maintain
  • Allows the management of inventory
  • Provides 24/7 customer access
  • Offers a variety of shipping options
  • Allows customers to register an account and benefit from exclusive member deals and promotions