01. Situation

B&T host several events each year and wanted to use technology to transform the way attendees engage with and experience their events. They asked us to deliver a multi-event platform that could be personalised for each event, whilst promoting the overall brand. The inaugural Ministry of Sports Marketing Conference (MSM) 2016 was the first event they required the app for.

02. Challenges

The conference was content rich and started with a few keynote sessions that later broke into three content streams. B&T wanted attendees to read information on each session, plan which they were to attend, check in and rate them. They also wanted attendees to engage with event speakers and network easily with other attendees.

03. Solution

The program management features were updated with the event schedule, as well as the multi-stream events. Attendees could check-in to the conference, sessions and social events via the Check-in feature, which allowed them to rate the session out of five stars. The Live Q&A feature enabled members to ask questions live to the speaker. A live Twitter feed helped attendees keep up to date with what was happening in other sessions.


The app was a success, with a 66% Download Rate, 200 questions were asked and 492 sessions were checked into. 

“I love the use of technology in terms of being able to ask questions. I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s fantastic. Nailed it.”

Erin Molan – Sport commentator, radio and television presenter, co-host of The NRL Footy Show and MC at the MSM 2016 conference