01. Situation

The Consortium Centre, as a Conn3cted client, were engaged by a major Petfood brand who wanted to develop a digital engagement solution targeting adult pet food buyers as a part of a wider Westfield school holidays experiential activation campaign.

02. Challenges

The challenge was to develop an engaging digital solution in a touchscreen and to facilitate online ordering via the eBay store. This designed format needed to appeal to both adult buyers with the ability to make online purchases via the online touchscreen facility and to fulfilled in real time automation.

03. Solution

Conn3cted collaborated with The Consortium Centre to develop a step by step gamified engagement process utilizing touch screen technology intertwined with creative design and a user experience focus to deliver a highly engaging and differentiated experience for users in the Australian retail environment.
Behind the scenes we worked on the systems integration between the touchscreen purchasing via the eBay store with The Consortium Centre’s Warehouse as a Service solution. This provided  a same day dispatch of the Pet Food Promotion Bundles to consumer homes.


The overall result was a success – a consistent, well branded interactive display which integrated many different elements and brands in a first experiential event of it’s kind for Westfield, MARS and eBay.