01. Situation

Toyota Fleet’s account management, dealers and fleet divisions all used different systems, meaning changes had to be implemented three times and were often paper-based.
They wanted to improve the user experience and streamline the way they engaged and connected to Toyota Fleet customers through the use of technology.

02. Challenges

Toyota Fleet wanted to improve and streamline the way they engage with their business customers through the use of technology, via digital communications and campaigns.

03. Solution

Conn3cted worked collaboratively with the client to develop a roadmap that consisted of a series of initiatives that would continuously improve the way they did business, while creating the building blocks to achieve the client vision. The solution involved the creation of:

  • Systems integration – B2B multi-level CRM with 1,000+ users
  • Self service capability for 20,000+ business customers
  • Data segmentation & Watchlists
  • Multi-channel communications platform and automation
  • Distributed workflow and approvals


The CRM is used by over 1,000 staff members and 20,000 business customers. By streamlining the communications between Toyota Head Office, Dealers and myFleet Corporate Clients, myFleet has reduced costs by enabling a new way to track forms, a faster turnaround on processing forms and has given them a higher quality of data by confirming business details through ABR.