01. Situation

Toyota wanted to assist its employees in providing them with a better way for their dealer personnel to showcase and interact with customers when presenting them with new vehicles in the Showroom, but also wanted to improve the customer experience.
They were using a legacy application that was no longer supported and made it difficult for them to leave their desks.

02. Challenges

The solution needed to offer a seamless experience for the customer from making an inquiry for a test drive at home, to the showroom and to the final sale. The solution also needed one code base that would provide a consistent experience on any device or browser.

03. Solution

We created a cloud solution for dealers that is integrated with Toyota systems to provide real time and up to date vehicle information and specifications.


Showroom has enabled sales personnel to showcase vehicles anywhere, for example on an iPad in the car yard or on the showroom floor. It has been regarded a success and Toyota are integrating it with their other DMS’s.